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Mission: To provide value to the property owners by focusing on WIN-WIN situation for both parties. To maximize the synergy in the real estate transactions by eliminating the middle man.

SURJIT KAUR LLC is a real estate investment firm that is involved in acquiring commercial and residential properties. Since its inception in July of 2012, the company is on a path of rapid expansion under the leadership of Gagan Marwaha, who is the sole proprietor of the LLC. He believes in treating people fairly, open communication, transparent and hassle- free transactions. Due to his honesty and fair market practices, the company has grown from thousands to millions of dollars in investments in a short period of time.

Target Real Estate: Single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartment buildings and shopping centers. 

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Our Purchasing Philosophy

  • To acquire cash flowing and quality residential and commercial assets that will grow in value over time.
  • We practice buy and hold strategy. This helps us to provide fair offers to the property owners as we are not looking for instant equity.
  • Hands-on approach and open communication with all potential sellers to ensure you understand the process completely.
  • Private investor who believes in win-win situation for both parties.
  • Willing to give an honest assessment whether the transaction will be financially beneficial to the seller.
  • Our goal is to provide value to the property owner by beating the net proceeds the owner would have received by selling the property on the market. By going with us, the owner can expect fair returns without the hassle of listing the property on the market.
  • No realtor or realtor's commission involved and we will pay for our closing cost.
  • We buy properties AS-IS. (We won't ask owners for any repairs)
  • Open for short-sales. We will commit to the contract irrespectve of the time it will take to get the short-sale approved. 
  • We will honor any current landlord-tenant lease.
  • Willing to work with seller on closing time frame to try to meet their needs.

Sell Your Property

If you're interested in selling your property, we'll be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments. We will be glad to assist you.